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Multiple regions with widgets

4K Multiple Regions with Widgets.jpg

Sample codes:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<smil xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <root-layout id="display:0" width="1920" height="1080" />
            <region id="REGA" width="100%" height="100%" right="0%" top="0%" z-index="1" mediaAlign="center" />
            <region id="REGB" width="100%" height="4.82%" left="0%" top="95.18%" z-index="2" mediaAlign="center" />
            <region id="REGF" width="16.67%" height="22.67%" right="0%" top="72.51%" z-index="2" mediaAlign="center" />
            <region id="REGC" width="16.67%" height="30.51%" right="0%" top="45%" z-index="2" mediaAlign="center" />
            <region id="REGD" width="16.67%" height="30%" right="0%" top="15%" z-index="2" mediaAlign="center" />
            <region id="REGE" width="16.67%" height="15%" right="0%" top="0%" z-index="2" mediaAlign="center" />
            <region id="REGG" width="300px" height="300px" left="50px" top="-20px" z-index="2" mediaAlign="topLeft" />
            <seq id="IDA" repeatCount="indefinite">
                <video src="media/video1.mp4" region="REGA" fit="meet" />
                <video src="media/video2.mp4" region="REGA" fit="meet" />
            <seq id="IDB" repeatCount="indefinite">
                  <ref src="media/rss-ticker.wgt" dur="indefinite" region="REGB" fit="meet" type="application/widget">
                    <param name="fontColor" value="%23fff" />
                    <param name="rss" value="" />
                    <param name="dur" value="1" />
                    <param name="fontAlign" value="left" />
                    <param name="direction" value="left" />
                    <param name="animation" value="slide" />
                    <param name="speed" value="5" />
                    <param name="wallColor" value="%23333333" />
                    <param name="wallOpacity" value="100" />
            <seq id="IDC" repeatCount="indefinite">
                <ref dur="14400" src="media/calendar2.wgt" region="REGC">
                    <param name="wallColor" value="#111111" />
            <seq id="IDD" repeatCount="indefinite">
                <ref dur="3600" src="media/ana-clock.wgt" region="REGD">
                    <param name="wallColor" value="#000000" />
                    <param name="secHand" value="false" />
            <seq id="IDE" repeatCount="indefinite">
                <ref dur="3600" src="media/wea.wgt" region="REGF"/>
            <seq id="IDF" repeatCount="indefinite">
                <ref dur="indefinite" src="media/dit-clock.wgt" region="REGE">
                    <param name="wallColor" value="#111111" />
                    <param name="fontSize" value="0.7" />
                    <param name="tick" value="false" />
            <seq id="IDG" repeatCount="indefinite">
                <img dur="120s" src="media/logo.png" region="REGG" fit="meet" />